Posted on Jan 11, 2020

California Skin Spa

Get✨Glowing ALL YEAR, invest in yourself, you deserve it!
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What’s Unique about Dermalogica?

EDUCATION : to empower you with the right Skincare knowledge:
✅ How to use the products
✅ Skincare Tips & Advices
✅ Daily Routine, & Skingoals Roadmap, so you understand your skin better
✅the steps you will need to take, to reach your skingoals

PERSONALIZATION : Bespoke regimens, services and understanding your lifestyle preferences to:
✅meet your individual skin’s needs
✅address your skin concerns
✅ help you achieve your skin goals, while making sure it manageable for your lifestyle choices.

HUMAN TOUCH: No judgment, just knowledgeable advice
✅ dermalogica tribe is made up of from the qualified individuals, equipped with scientific research & experiences gathered across the world
✅ years of being in the Skincare Industry.
✅ The Skin Experts are there to assist you reach your skin goals.
✅We start your skin health journey with a FaceMapping, (Free skin analysis) for you & with it, theres a new level of understanding about your skin.

When you have someone who understands your skin concerns & we’ll be there to guide you, when you’re in doubt.... you’ll never feel alone on your journey towards achieving your best skin ever!

Personalized daily skincare routine + Bespoke professional skin treatments from Licensed Dermalogica® #SkinExpert = #SkinWellness
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